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Maui and the Sun

Kereru have been creating masterpieces! First we read Maui and the Sun (a Maori myth), and then we used dye and vivid to create our own artwork for one of the scenes in the story. Here they are!

Maori Myths and Legends

Kereru have been writing Narratives! We have been learning all about Maori myths and legends. First, we read a lot of Maori myths. Then we wrote some of our own about why we have day and night.

Maui and Marama

Back in the dreamtime there was only night.
Maui and his brothers lived in a whare in a village. The boys were strong brave warriors.
The village people were not happy because they couldn't see and couldn't play. Maui and his brothers wanted to yell at Marama because he didn't give them enough light.
Maui was angry and he started to play with fire. He wanted to keep warm so he dropped the fire on the ground. It built up into an enormous ball. It flicked and ash and dust, and from this Ra was born.
Maui lifted Ra up into the sky, but Ra can only shine for 12 hours at a time. Now Ra shares the sky with Marama.
So that is why we have day and night.
By Billie, Grace and Jeroen

How Marama was Born

Back in the dreamtime there was only day in Maui's village.
Maui was a mischievous powerful warrior. Maui's village was rich with lots of livestock.
It was always light and hot, and everybody sweated and could not sleep properly. So then Maui made a plan. He made all the villagers go to the top of the cliff closest to Ra. Maui said "Bring your spears!" Maui brought his magic jawbone to threaten Ra.
Maui said to Ra, "If you don't dim your light we will pierce holes in you, and you will need to keep dimming your light every 12 hours." Ra felt terrified, so he agreed.
So that is why we now have day and night.
By Nico, Brianna and Mitchell

Marama and the Bloodthirsty Battle

Back in the dreamtime there was only night.
Maui was a strong and fierce warrior. Tu was a ferocious and scary god of war. Maui lived with Tu in a dark still forest where the trees grew high into the sky.
Maui and Tu thought night was a problem because you could not see what was in front of you. But it was easy to fight other villagers in the darkness. Maui and Tu had a plan to sneak up on a village in Waikato, fight hard against the villagers, and steal their food.
Marama was watching the violent and bloody fight, and decided to punish Maui and Tu. The punishment was that Marama called up Ra (the sun), and Marama swapped places every 12 hours with Ra from then on. And that is how we got day.
So that is why we have day and night.
By Francis, Felicity and Daniel

The Mystery of Ra

Many moons ago there was only night. It was cold and dark from the edges of the earth. Nothing grew, people starved.
One night it was peaceful and quiet in the village. Fire Woman's red flaming hair lightened up the dark night. The surface of Marama's face beamed white.
Fire Woman walked to the edge of a crumbly cliff. She decided that she would spray fire at Marama to make it shine brighter.
But Fire Woman only gave Marama enough firepower to shine brightly for just 12 hours at a time. So, for 12 hours we have Ra and for 12 hours we have Marama.
So that's why we have night and day.
By Annie, Sarah and Jon Carlo